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paint easles

If you were a crayon

You’d be Caribbean blue

Paddling the length of the pool

Right arm stronger than left

Baby fat turning to slender muscle

Tilting your head for air

Turquoise goggles peering up from water

Sandy hair streaked sideways

Sun striking Puerto Rico-tanned skin

Tropical trees on aqua swimsuit

Mother standing brightly by the poolside

Watching her little fish learn to swim

Laura Flecha

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You, a brilliant stage

River, wind, a screaming crowd

I recall nothing

Laura Flecha

Girl Behind a Sheet
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Beautiful Nature

Laura Flecha

Island Rooster

Each morning I awake,

Earlier than the sun,

Even earlier than

The island roosters.

I am changing each day.

I remember a phrase

Someone once said to me,

“You are a change.”

And it resonates with me,

Especially this morning

As I watch the sun rise through

The thick Saharan dust

That has traveled great oceans.

It creates a haze that blurs

The Caribbean water line

In the farthest distance I can see,

Where pale blue-sky blends

With a pastel aqua sea.

The roosters rise now,

And I am no longer alone.

My mind traces my day,

Laying out what can transform

Today, on this island,

Miles from my home,

But exactly where I need to be.

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Asia and Della.jpg


You're here

You're mine

Let's go

I've got you

I'll protect you

We're here

We've got this

We're our own

We're safe

We're together

It's ours

It's expression

You're magic

You are too

Laura Flecha

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Under Construction

Her heart paper cut

It was never his to take

Rag pulp since grade school

Laura Flecha

In the Forest
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Thoughtful look

Dead on Arrival

I was born into a storm:

My brother a mystery, 

My father a parenthesis,

My mother in the land of the wind.

I was a small girl with braids.

How could I be a quiet little river?

Almost forty years ago, I was born

On the edge of town but above the clouds.

Forty years ago, they poked shovels in the dirt.

They had secret parties, 

And words were birthed wrong.

I stood in my crib,

I can't wait to be older and free.

I was small; I was only a foot deep.

I felt blurry, but don't ever say

I didn't mind so much.

Laura Flecha

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Tibetan Prayer Flags

Laura Flecha

Mountain Diety

Tibet came to me at age five,

Crossing from eastern to western lands.

It brought snow lions and snow leopards,

Colorful fabrics and masked Lama dancers,

Meditation, mantra, wisdom, and wrath.

We threw rice into vast skies and secret lands unseen.

We took blessings into our palms and katas from masters.

Snow leopard, you are carved in stone caves.

Before Christ, you roamed Lapchi Mountain’s

Holy terrain, its high plains and rocky cliffs.

The magical lore of Saint Milarepa taking your great form,

Yawning and stretching in solitude and strength.

Sacred snow leopard, elusive ghost of the Himalayas,

Remover of sins, protector of consecrated grasslands,

I pray you remain and accumulate,

Like the profound prayers from your region.

Through falling snow and fading stars,

Continue to bring blessings and be

More than just endangered folklore.

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My blue-eyed babies leave for summer break.
They take my smile pressed upon their faces.
They won't return until there's leaves to rake.

Laura Flecha

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The Thaw

Winter was filled with slushy streets and tipsy nights at the hookah bar. Nights that tasted of apricot and held the sounds of the belly dancers' hips. No one thought there was a lack of happiness. It was perhaps when things started to thaw, the scents of comfort started to fade. That winter tasted of roasted roots and home-baked cookies. We were trying new recipes and trying to get life to work out. I was sprinkling with powdered sugar and pressing peanut butter dough with criss-crosses. Scrubbing mud off wood floors and polishing until the salt was washed out. We were sledding with rosy cheeks down hills, holding little hands inside the sleeves of snow suits. We were watching snow melt into ponds and streams, while underneath, where frozen ground lay, there was the changing and dying and shedding and new life budding, something that would break open, release, and force us to change.

Laura Flecha

Kneading Bread Dough
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Splashing Water

Painted Grass

Down the path, two girls skip off licking cherry-flavored popsicles. Trees sway away from the trail, the breeze pushes painted grass. Blue-eyed girl leads her friend, hand dripping with liquid sugar, mouth coated red, teeth pink and all smiles, salt in her tousled hair. The sounds of cathedral bells coalesce with flower aromas. They visit fields of flowers, she hands her a violet blossom, born from black soil and silver-cloud water. The girl finds washed up wood along the shore, "Petrified," she says, "Don't ever be that with me." Child's love is best. 

Laura Flecha

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Wood Framed Glass Door

Laura Flecha

Constructing, Then Deconstructing

I’m settling on materials,

Settling on a shell,

Building this because of him.

It will house pieces he tried to take.

There’s a reason why,

There always is.

How devoted I was,

My hand, now empty,

Wrinkling from airflow.

We were tongue-and-groove,

Day in and out.

Yet, there will come a time

When I can step outside,

No longer in pieces.

Holding myself in the moment,

Perhaps somewhat evolved,

I’ll use new colors and senses.

I’ll relax in the shade of the shell.

Freedom will be exiting

What used to house me.

Old security will fade,

I’ll paint myself anew.

Overhead, the sunlight.

Identity to be reclaimed.

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Heart-Shaped Rock Island

The Sadness of Sea Glass

I was fractured long

Ago, though my edges have

Smoothed and I appear

Whole again. But you should know,

There was always more to me.

Laura Flecha

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The flooding stopped, and I watched

The water drain away while the sun

Shone down on me

And made my skin shimmer.

Like diamonds, I saw the future

Lying upon wet black asphalt.

I took my umbrella down

And the last cloud hovering

Above my head washed

Away the dirt in my mind.

Laura Flecha

Rain Boots
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Laying Down


I pretend to smile but I'm crying.

I'm crying because I'm happy, but I can't be

Because I'm sad.

You drive south to see me.

We're wearing the same shirt.

We fall asleep together.

I cut your hair.

We hold each other.

It's simple.

We forget. We remember. We forget.

It's time for you to go.

We kiss and kiss and kiss.

And we don't let go.

Laura Flecha

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Lovers Embrace

Laura Flecha


We're kissing over soft-serve frozen cream

And later we'll pull turtlenecks, fake sass

Undressing, window yawning. Autumn dream

Is sneaking in through wavy bubble glass.

Our sentiment turns the room a pumpkin-spice.

The city flickers, glazes gusty eyes

Because I'm well enough to be enticed

By harvest's plumping moon as it gives rise.

Remember me by pulling fruit from trees

In autumn's orchards, golden, dappled boughs

That drop their crumbled blush before the freeze.

The window's slight that nature's time allows.

Before, you knew the taste of apple's round

Appearance, knowing shortened life is fate.

In equal giving, sweet outliving, we found

Each other. Place your hand here. Feel heart beat.

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October Moon

The sky was peeling back like a cotton ball being stretched. My stomach was cold, had been for months. I thought of dying, of death coming upon me in my sleep, so I wouldn’t have to say goodbye. I thought of sound, and how if I had never heard his words, I wouldn’t be so sad. How if I had never known his touch, I wouldn’t be so lonely. And if we had never shared each other, there’d be nothing to lose. After I broke ground and found a place where no one was, one side of me a brilliant golden light, and on the other, a full October moon, reflective in its nature. Here I forgot about myself and saw things with a sliver of clarity, enough to warm my stomach.

Laura Flecha

Moon Gazing
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Girl in Evening Dress

Weekend Salve

I visited you on a broken weekend,

And the city, like a salve, took me in.

I traded heartache for graffiti,

And the torn-up streets spoke poetry to me.

I slept in, late, on the top floor of your

Row house, finally resting, and tucked in

To your perfect nook you so deserve.

Pour-over coffee, claw foot tub, charcuterie,

And later, holes in walls on corners and a

Bronchitis rasp of unplanned karaoke.

Dinner and a downpour in a cathedral

And heartfelt words I wouldn’t

Have imagined only a few years ago.

I came home in different shoes, picked out

From where lost treasures go to die.

You gave me something, without knowing,

New eyes wet with art, expression,

Openness, and love.

Thank you, dear friend.

Laura Flecha

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Recognizing the Ocean

I have only what I need.

I have a conch shell where the roaring

Of the ocean is always heard.

The sound reminds me to offer

The indestructible Dharma

To worlds that are intangible to me, 

Where some good from hearing a sound

Outside samsara's poisons might occur.

I have a heart in which every day

I pray will remain open,

Even through the pain and suffering I see.

I pray it opens until there are no boundaries

Between my heart and your suffering.

I pray, even though I have only what I need,

That I can give you all you've ever wanted.

Laura Flecha

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I want to run through the desert.

Not like the time I was running from you,

Barefoot, crushing flora, dodging tumbleweed, 

Cracking the baked layer of the soft, red sand.

Not like the day I jumped out of the car,

Because it seemed a safer chance to take.

I want to run through the desert

Where no one is around,

Where the only sound is a bird's wings flapping,

Swishing, pushing air, moving with the Earth's Turn. This time, I wouldn't be trying to escape, 

But rather to find myself in a place of stillness.

I would run until it became a meditation, 

Run until my mind slips into calm-abiding.

I'd focus on a point, this point - all around me.

And all things would fall away,

Because their nature is inherently empty. 

Laura Flecha

Bride Running in Desert
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Window Portrait

Shedding the Unnecessary

Taking him out of my life is like

Taking wallpaper off an age-old plaster.

It comes off in pieces,

Like a child picking at a scab on their knee,

I am anxious for him to be gone.

Laura Flecha

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Upset Stomach

Laura Flecha

My Last Rose

I name her Laylah.

She's been with me my whole life,

But I only name her as she's leaving.

I name her after a reading,

A reading that came after a blessing.

I name her after my decision is solidified.

I name her after She calls me beloved,

And, I love you.

She is named after an angel,

An angel only the feminine can fill.

And she has been my sacred space.

But I am whole without her,

And she is never without me.

She has brought to me three blessings:

Life, noble helper, and flow of rhythm.

Laylah is named after a great transition,

One of great compassion and wisdom.

She has given wisdom to my three gems.

She has housed them and protected.

She has inner truth and purpose.

She may just be the heart of life.

I embrace this path that has grown so clear,

A white light in the center of my body,

Laylah grows too large to keep.

Spiritually and physically, I have outgrown her.

But she has and always will be with me,

Even as she's leaving in a most

Profound of ways.

I embrace her more now by letting her go.

She has brought to me my last rose,

And I rise higher as I renounce her

And give her over to a new beginning.

And my new purpose, which was always in me,

Strengthens and brings me a joy,

Like birthing a perfect child

Who will change the world with their presence.

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Small Bedroom

Closing Off

I know one girl.

Here is what most people don't know.

How will I explain what she has done?

She is holding herself.

I pull harder, I rattle the lock.

You don't have to get used to anything.

I take a deep breath.

"I hope you don't mind that I'm leaving."

"Of course you can go."

But I don't. I could leave her right now.

I put my hands over my ears;

I lie face down. I breathe and breathe.

I have no choice but to open.

Laura Flecha

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Today I'm mostly sad

For all the things

The kids are missing

Laura Flecha

Sad on Couch
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It wasn't as bad as it could've  been.

The grounds were lit, and I stood in the kitchen.

She looked up at me.

I came to see

It wasn't much of a stretch.

I tried to fit back into,

I got even more convinced.

I settled on and took to,

I didn't want to get too hopeful.

"There's not enough evidence,

I've been talking to some people."

I don't want to see you again.

She was already gone.

Laura Flecha

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Utopian June

I sat out on the deck and wished for June.

In the spell of time's pale glare, I am aware

Of the absent roar, a feeling I've aged too soon.

At fourteen-and-a-half we would declare

Sun Days. We'd drag through grass a folding chair

For each of us, rub coconut on skin,

Then beg the sun to strike like rain on tin.

I always knew the roar was strongest then,

That there would never be another time

When we, like wildflowers grew, formed stems,

Sprouts of small buds, then blooms of peerless prime.

Our freedom was unrivaled, so sublime.

Yet down the street, the school sat like a shell

Without the youthful roars and daily bell.

Laura Flecha

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Storm Cloud

She’s his little storm cloud. He takes her into his embrace and squeezes until she breaks into sheets of rain that white out the summer air. Passive bouts of longing, gentle eyes giving and stripping him down to bare skin. All moist with dew, he takes her into his arms that reach around her with ease. He mistakes her smallness for fragility, and as she sits on his bed, tears smearing makeup, laughter to make light the sound of her thunder, she strikes out with what she knows not is lightening. She’s unable to control the downpour of emotions, and he’s simply wishing it away, because he wants her rain, torrential yet still, all to himself.

Laura Flecha

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Feet in Bathtub

Never Again

I wake up with a bruise on my wrist, feeling full of something I don't want to be, having talked about things I didn't want to release. I forgot who I am, a pattern that has become all too familiar. I sip coffee the color of his pants, pull his shirt from my ribcage, and in an effort to forget what it is we did, both of which are at fault, I swing my hair around to the guitar and drums. Stripping my bed of its blankets and sheets, placing them on a rigorous cycle, and watching them spin through the pane of glass on the front of the washer,  I am wishing my own self to be cleansed the same. And later when I climb into bed at night, new sheets turned down, my skin showered, my mind bathed in mantra, I once again make the promise: Never again.

Laura Flecha

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I was fractured by the ocean long ago,

But my edges have been smoothed over,

So I appear to be whole again.

But you should know

There was always more to me.

Laura Flecha

Girl by the Sea
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Waterfall Couple Swimming

Laura Flecha

One Gift I'd Give

Her voice is sharp, dense

In sound, no subtlety, yet

Mistaken for shy.

She turns up damp rocks

And underneath her fear is

Confidence the way

Water wears on and

Doesn't consider its path;

It just moves along.

Cliffs reside some day

In her future where water

Releases downward.

She waits for this like

Someone standing under a 

Muted waterfall,

One who knows the rush

Will come, waits with arms, face up,

A smile river wide.

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Apple tree in bloom

You plant me yours for the day

Hands deep in my earth

Laura Flecha

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The Rustle in Calm

I'm raking leaves,

Reflecting sky,

Late in day.

This quiet moment

Of coming together

After being apart.

In the raking

Of leaves, I push back

The sea with a hush.

I push leaves 

To the bare wood's edge

Where deer roam in morning fog.

Only sometimes I'm

Awake to witness the fog's

Ebb before it fades.

Laura Flecha

Autumn Legs
Poems: Welcome

Behind Every Ribcage

Inside every girl

Lies a corner where she cries

For all that seeps in

Laura Flecha

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Sewing Machine

In Seam

Girls should be seamless.

I had thought that once.

But isn’t it freeing

To know we’re not?

Laura Flecha

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Image by Masaaki Komori

My Cupid

My heart paper thin,

He blew me a breezy kiss,

And I blew away.

Laura Flecha

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