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Book Release Day!

Yesterday was book release day for Ready Room! It will take 1-2 weeks from now for the paperback copy to be available on websites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble! The Kindle version can be downloaded starting today! I’m excited (and yet nervous) for this project! The words contained in Ready Room are such a part of me. I hope these poems are relatable in a friend-to-friend sort of way. I hope they touch you emotionally and open your heart and mind. I hope the topics covered in this book are timely yet also timeless. I hope you find comfort, connection, solace, hope, and rejuvenation within these lines. One of my favorite things about poetry is the ripple effect it can have on us, even from such a short piece of writing. I hope the poems contained in Ready Room cause ripples within you. Lastly, with this collection of poems, I wish to empower my readers, invoke compassion, and let others know they are not alone. I hope you enjoy the read! And many thanks for your support!

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