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Ready Room

In swimming terminology, a ready room is a small preparation area where swimmers gather just before competing in a race. Olympians have been known to call the ready room a psychological torture chamber. It is sometimes silent, sometimes hostile, yet always a place of personal growth. Time in a ready room can be used to gather your thoughts, center your purpose, and balance your being, while also confronting stress, nervousness, and fear.

Ready Room tells a story through poetry that spans two decades, capturing joys such as raising children, being in love and enjoying nature's beauty, as well as diving into hardships such as mental illness, abuse, divorce, cancer and infertility. The collection is raw and emotional, taking the reader through the seasons of life, while offering others who share similar struggles a hand to hold. Ready Room bridges a gap between Eastern and Western thought and shares a healing path for those in need.

Ready Room is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other bookstores.

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